A Little About Me..

Amanda Dawson SelfieHeya and thanks for stopping by. Welcome! My name is Amanda Dawson and I’m from Florida USA. I work as a full time kitchen hand in a nursing home and I’m a part time blogger too!

After working in a nursing home for over 7 years now, I’ve seen the importance that a modified healthy diet has had on patients.

I must admit, being super busy myself, I found myself resorting to almost anything that was fast and easy when I got home from work.

Doing shift work too, depending on the hour I was driving home, I’d often find myself at the local take out- in order to avoid having to make a meal myself.

Two years ago when I was having my regular check up with my local doctor, my test results indicated that I had high cholesterol, as well as other health warning signs that became apparent- most of which I don’t want to share with the world right here!

What I can say though, is that I very often felt very tired, low on energy and according to my friends- quite moody…

After the wake up call from my test results, I knew I had to change my lifestyle around fast and that’s when my interest peaked in healthy eating.

Since then, I’ve read quite a bit of very interesting tips and tricks that I’ve found really useful- and also quite easy to apply.

I now have new found energy, better emotional control and feel overall great and alive!

I’ve decided to share that information with you and hence you are here with me right now- reading this.

I sincerely hope the information on this blog helps you and if you have any questions or comments, be sure to reach out and talk to me!