Cereal and grain selection of bulgur wheat, buckwheat, couscous, rye grain and brown and wild rice in olive wood spoons

Effective Use Of Grains For A Healthy Diet

We all know that whole grains are important portion of healthy diet. All the grains are good suppliers of complex carbohydrates and also have main minerals and vitamins in them. Grains are considered as less in fat generally. Grains become a healthy choice due to all these things.

In a good way they have been connected to less risk to health problems like diabetes, cancers and heart disease whole grains are considered as the healthiest kind of grains. The American 2010 dietary guidelines mention that from all the grains which we consume, some are whole grains in them. We eat much of grains which are whole grains by chance, if you eat like others, it means that you are not having required grains in your food diet. Follow these steps to include whole grains in your diet.

Grains and whole grains

Grains are also known as cereals that are found as seeds which are cultivated and grown as food. They are found in many sizes and shapes like small quinoa seeds and large seeds of popcorn.

The barn and germ is not taken out in whole grains that are why they are known as unrefined grains. The barn is taken out during the process of milling. We get selenium, potassium and magnesium form whole grains which are a good source of fiber. Brown rice and popcorn are single whole grain foods ad buck wheat used in pan cake or whole wheat used in baking bread are the ingredients of whole grains.

Refined grains

The refined grains are the grains whose barn and germ are removed by following the process of milling. It gives a fine texture and good life to grains. This process takes away the nutrients and also fiber while flour white rice which we use, white bread and corn flour are the products of refined grains. Refined grains are used to make varieties of bread, cereals, desserts, pastries and many more.

Enriched grains

Some grains while following the method of processing loss some nutrients are again added which is called enriched grains. We can add the lost nutrients to grains but not fiber which has withered away. The nutrients that does not include in foods are added by the process of fortifying. There are many grains which are enriched and even fortified with minerals and other vitamins like folic acid and Iron. Refined grains are needed by some countries to enrich it. The nutritive value of foods may or may not include in whole grains.

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