Getting All Your Minerals From Food

Powerful Minerals For Healthy Living

Minerals are chief and fundamental part of a healthy and balanced diet. Extraneous nutrients are found in life less things like rocks and metals. If you involve plans  and vegetables in your diet then you get required minerals  and nutrients. Plants acquire minerals and supplement they need from soil. Medical substances get mixed with some minerals like calcium gets connected with tetracycline substances and releases compounds in the body. This type of minerals doesn’t get separated so the antibiotics enter the digestive organs, undissolved and intact.

Calcium and its characteristics

The characteristics of some names of minerals correspond to the places where they were invented depending upon their colour. Actually calcium is derived from greed word “ calx ’’ which mean lime in which we get calcium and the other chlorine is derived from the Greek word chloros that means “ greenish yellow’’ that is coincidentally the colour of mineral. Many minerals were created to respect the position of scientist and named according to their found places like Americium, curium, berkelium, californium, fermium and nobelium. For a better understanding imagine your body as a house and vitamins are small little maids and service people, who run to close the lights and the windows so that the heat may not go out. In the form of material, minerals are denoted as the mortar, bricks that keep the frame and foundation of the house strong and powerful. Energy level is compared to electricity to list the lights of the house.

Essential minerals for human life

Important and necessary minerals for human life are categorized by nutritionists as macro minerals. The macro minerals are the groups that has electrolytes kind of elements in them. The comparison of these minerals if spoken nutritionally raises the question that how much of these are present in your body and how much you require to maintain a good health. Different amount of energy and minerals are stored in your body but minerals are found more than 5 grams from each of the macro minerals and on the other hand the main electrolytes. More than 100 milligrams of major minerals have to be taken by you every day to follow a continuous supply of energy and to use it and loss. There are less than 5 grams of each elements stored in your body and it is necessary to consume less than 100 milligrams to stay fit the whole day

Important major minerals for human beings

The most important minerals which are necessary for human kind are calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, potassium and chloride. From all these minerals the three sodium, potassium and chloride are called as principal electrolytes. The diet which supplies required proteins also supplies sulfur. Some elements are known as trace minerals because they are available in very small amounts in food. Iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, fluoride, chromium and molybdenum are mentioned as trace minerals.

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