Superfoods for Supercharged Health!

Superfoods are those foods that carry loads of calories and nutrients per weight. It means that they give a lot of bounce to the weight as much of it is needed. They give better sources of anti oxidants and required nutrients which we are in need and can’t get on our own way. You must be so concerned about your diet to take quality kind of foods and add more salads and vegetables to your meals and concentrate on the foods which are grown on mineral free soils. This way makes you easy to select the super foods.

Green color super foods             

Green color super foods are considered more good and better as they have more percentage of digestible nutrients to burn fat, giving minerals and nutrients for the protection of the body and to recover the body. It consists of more range of profitable substances like proteins, protection giving photo chemicals and useful bacteria that helps you to build healthy and strong muscles and body tissues. It helps your digestive system and makes it to function more properly and keep safe from diseases and illness.

Fruit and nuts

Fruits and nuts are also super foods that are rich in anti oxidants and able to fight with free radicals in your body. For some time it may look like these free radicals are terrorist in your body and moving to capture energy and weaken your body. This happens naturally through metabolism and in fact extra and unfit kind of free radicals weight can be kept on your bodies through external factors like pollution, smoking, burnt foods, electromagnetic waves, fried foods and also cooked foods.

Bee super foods

Egyptians noted about bee super foods in 5500BC. It was used by the Indians to perform religious ceremonies during 1000BC and also the Babylonians made use of it for medicinal purposes. In fact the western people came to know about the benefits of bee super foods unexpectedly when they were searching some native bee keepers who lived 100 years ago and everyday they ate raw kind of honey, good in bee fertilization.

Sea weed super foods

Sea weeds are found very rich in nutrition on the planet on densely grown plants. They are source to all the other nutrients on the ocean. They consist of more calcium than milk up to 10 times better and it is eight times better in beef. The greatest use and benefit of seaweed is followed and purified in your blood system and are very close to human plasma in blood with chemical composition.

Herbal super foods

Herbs are consumed as a supplier of nourishment and a host of nutrients to the body as to prevent the occurrence of environment effects from air or soil or from poor diet. They balance the body very well and are medicinally controls the body functions to heal, cure and start to function itself. From many centuries herbs are in process of use and also a portion of wisdom for healing properties naturally.

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